Http Range Request and MP4 Video Play in Browser

HTTP range request is a widely used feature when it comes to file resource. Besides covering basic concept of range request, this blog show how HTTP range request works in browsers. Behaviors of Chrome, FireFox and Safari are coverd. several sample HTTP servers written in Golang are used to trick browsers.

Terminate Container in Responsive and Graceful Way

Running application in container as PID 1 is quite common today, shutdown application responsively and gracefully is hard. This article show how PID 1 behave in container and provides serveral ways to make container shutdown as we want.

虚拟网络环境中 Docker MTU 问题及解决方式

在 SDN 网络环境中,如果 docker0 bridge MTU 1500 大于 Host MTU(如 1400)时,会出现「即小包可通,大包不通」的情况,直观来说就是 ping 能通,但是网站打不开、apt update 卡住不动、更无法下载文件。本文将复现并教你如何解决该问题